PDP tells Sanwo-Olu – You’re fake, unprepared

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Lagos State has called on the  governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu to justify the originality of his campaign promises.

Raising the challenge, the PDP particularly identified Mr Sanwo-Olu’s purported plan to install WiFi within the Lagos State University, LASU, as one of the major campaign promises of Mr Jimi Agbaje since 2014.

Reacting to PDP’s allegation, the Director of Media and Publicity to Mr. Sanwo-Olu’s campaign team, Sesan Daini, said that Sanwo-Olu’s antecedent indicated he needs not embark on governance tutorials before understanding needs of Lagos residents.

In a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Taofik Gani, PDP said: “Indeed Mr Sanwo-Olu will remain fake in his promises. The WiFi project has always been frontal in Agbaje’s promises. Whereas Sanwo-Olu is restricting the project to only LASU and also to be used within a timed period, the original idea by Agbaje remains to install free, safe, unlimited, fast WiFi connections in all our public school, especially tertiary and secondary, and in conducive public areas of the state. We remain tied to the promise.

“We alert Lagosians to reject his mediocrity and never vote for him. Sanwo-Olu is not self convinced in this race, he does not have any original idea to develop Lagos state, he is only being propelled by the APC chieftains who will cage him to enrich themselves alone because indeed they manipulated the APC governorship primary to ensure his vindictive emergence.”

The party also berated Mr Sanwo-Olu for moving around the state as if already a governor.

“Mr Sanwo-Olu drives around the state using siren in his convoy and harassing motorists. We have several complaints from motorists about this attitude of his. Is Sanwo-Olu going to be a bully governor on us, we ask?”, the party said.

Daini said: “I don’t know the yardstick Jimi Agbaje has to measure someone’s preparedness. One thing that I know as pointer for anyone aiming to do something comes from his antecedent. 

“Since 2002, he has been serving the state and that showed he doesn’t need to embark on any tutorial on governance before vying for public office. He understands the system. 

“He is not like someone that has not vie for the post of councillor and thinks he can govern Lagos. As far as Babajide Sanwo-Olu is concerned, he is prepared to implement the manifesto of the party. And APC is ready for the task ahead.

“He does not use siren whenever he moves in the state. We only move with some bodyguards to guide him. Also,  he moves with directors of the Independent Campaign Group, ICG and party faithful to meet with residents of the state, all these drive after him. 

“We don’t harass nor intimidate residents of the state. Infact, we obey all traffic rules and regulations. We ensure that none of the residents’ right is infringed upon.

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